Scorpio - Ride Smartlink


Scorpio - Ride Smartlink

  • The ultimate add-on for your Harley-Davidson factory security system

  • Designed to fit your Harley-Davidson factory security system, the SmartLINK is a GPS-enabled device that will send cellular notifications directly to your smartphone for any alert generated by the Harley-Davidson security system

  • Installation is simple with the included harness that will connect directly to the factory alarm siren plug (prior to installation, a factory Harley-Davidson security system is required)

  • Always-on GPS, telematics and security in one: simply connect to your Harley-Davidson Factory Alarm plug using the supplied connector

  • Employs a cloud-based server-to-device architecture so that you can securely access your rides and data from any device, anywhere

  • Records rides, access previous ride stats, and monitors your bike remotely (available on Android, iOS and PC)

  • Cellular notifications: All notifications are sent directly to your phone via the Ride app, SMS or email, giving you virtually unlimited monitoring range

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking: Monitor and track your bike's rides and location at all times

  • Power Interruption Sensor and Backup Battery: Receive an alert when the power has been cut to the security device

  • Emergency Mode: Allow law enforcement to temporarily access your stolen bike's location

  • Anti-theft Geofencing Sensors: Receive an alert when the bike leaves a specific geographic location

  • Ride Segments: Easily access and analyze your ride segments; segments capture the elapsed time, speed and route

  • Ride Playback: Relive your favorite rides by activating your 3D Ride Playback through Google Earth

  • Share with friends: Add photos to your segments, and share your rides via social media


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