Thunder Max - THUNDERMAX 50 ECM

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Thunder Max - THUNDERMAX 50 ECM


California ARB-compliant complete replacement engine-management system for Delphi®-equipped EFI model Harleys

  • Integral auto-tune system utilizes wide-band O2 sensors and works as a closed-loop control system to continuously self-adjust and properly tune the motorcycle's air/fuel ratio in all conditions

  • Easy installation – replace the factory ECM, install new O2 sensors and harness, and ride

  • Improves throttle response and increases horsepower and torque

  • Maintains excellent fuel economy

  • Includes Thundermax 50 ECM, plug-in harness, two wide-band O2 sensors, software, communication USB cable, comprehensive user's manual, full technical support and free software updates

  • Software allows examination of vehicle diagnostic codes

  • 01-05 models will require the exhaust system to be equipped with or modified for O2 sensor bungs

  • Made in the U.S.A.


For 01-05 Softail & 02-05 Touring Models (88” Engine Only)

NOTE: Because of possible clearance issues, some aftermarket exhaust systems may require modifications or relocation of their O2 sensor port bungs.

C.A.R.B. EO #s D-644 01-06, K-001 08, K-001-1 09, K-001-2 10, K-001-3 08 NEW FAM.

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